C++ Programming Language - What is it? What's its history?

It is one of the more obscure programming languages around that has a history that seems to be as mysterious as the language itself. The truth is that C++ is a language that is all its own. While many have no clue as to what it is or how it came to be, a trip to fusionsurf.com or a site similar will give a person a better understanding of this language and all that it can offer a person that attempts to use this for their own use. This language came into existence in 1985 by a person named Bjarne Stroustrup. Beginning in 1979 this language was worked on and finally perfected and released in the mid eighties.

Many that saw this language were at first confused and wanted to know what had become of their at the time popular C programming language. It was not until a few months after the release that many of the critics were suddenly fans and were sold as this being a better language to use for programming than basic C. even Microsoft was sold on this and began to use it as the source code for many of their programs and even to a lesser degree operating systems.

C++ would also later down the road give way for the development of Java for use in many of the programs that we use today. Imagine not playing an online game you enjoy or talking online to your friends. Had Java not been created, this very well might have been the case. Many are quick to credit with many of the advancements that we enjoy these days on the creator of C++ and are thankful that it caught on and took off the way that it did.

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Even to this day, many programs are based in some sort of version on the code that was developed for C++. As the years pass, there will soon be another offspring for this that remember this language as there is work being done to come out with the next version that will replace C++ like it did with basic C.

It would have been a different world if this had not been developed, chances are that many of the features that we enjoy would have either not came into existence or have been in a much more reduced fashion. Taking into consideration the advancements that have been made, one can see the world of a difference that came from the use of this.

There has as with any type of programmers code that has been in controversy that has been attached to this in recent years. Many say that Bjarne Stroustrup ripped off the programmer of C and just introduced a newer version and claimed it was different that the previous version. While these have never been able to be proven, these rumors continue to swirl around all the time.

As time has went by the advancements that have come from this have continued to increase. As a new wave of technology is introduced, there will be a lot of people that will enjoy the advancements that have been made from this basic programming language and enjoy the wild ride that is expected to come in the next few years.

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